Best described as a “Citizen of the World” whether home or abroad, LaShaundra aims to positively impact the lives of those she encounters. After returning to the States after a short term assignment in South Africa, LaShaundra found herself fighting for space in a crashing market. In response to fruitless job‐hunting during the height of the recession, LaShaundra stopped asking for a job and created her own through 3C: Creative Communications. Through 3C, she entered the world of speaking, training and coaching.  

Receiving the One Coast Award Top 10 Under 40

Since 2009, she has worked with hundreds of ministries, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and companies to navigate the social media landscape, craft their visions and build dynamic teams. Watching leaders learn how to cultivate healthy communication or witnessing the intersection between vision and lived reality are moments LaShaundra revels.  

In this season, her energy is primarily spent helping others discover and boldly own their purpose and calling. LaShaundra is the creator of the S.T.O.P. (Spend Time on Perfection) Summit, which offers women dedicated time to work on their visions in a safe space while practicing self-care. Her goal is to hold several across the country during 2019.