How do you measure success? Many in the U.S. measure success by the amount of money a person has, how large their home is, or how many cars they have. However, physical or material wealth is not the only measure of success. It is simply one aspect of a much more holistic perspective that includes physical health, mental wellness, and spiritual health. At this age and stage of life, I am looking for a different definition of success. 

I believe that the core of success is freedom. Success is the freedom to determine how to spend your time. It is the freedom to move the way that you want and to live the way that you want to live. And, that doesn’t always mean having or needing millions of dollars. 

Ultimately, success will be defined by the one who is defining it. If you think that success equals more time. How do we get to that?

We get to that by creating systems that allow us to have the time that we want. That comes from creating a business that is not contingent upon us working hours and hours and hours. As a business owner, I know that when you are initially developing the foundation of a business those hours are simply required to create a successful model. However, at some point, there should be a transition where the systems you have created and the support staff you contract will allow you to own more of the most precious asset that you have in this world- your time. 

Here’s a place to start:

  1. Write and regularly refer to the vision of how you want all aspects of your life to look.  
  2. Avoid things and projects that can take you off course.
  3. Make the time you have set aside non-negotiable. 
  4. Don’t try to keep all of the money. Pay people to help do the work. 

Success to me looks like traveling when I want. “Turning off” to be fully present to listen to the musings of my 15-year-old bonus daughter as she tells me about the course of her day. It also looks like facilitating the dreams of my parents and the next generation. All of those things are based on a certain level of freedom that comes from a business with multiple income streams, clarity of the vision and prioritizing. What does success look like to you? Feel free to send me a message.