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Meet LaShaundra

LaShaundra McCarty is a master communicator, focused on helping people cut through the noise of hesitation, fear, and habit to clearly cast and implement a vision for their companies. In 2009, months after completing seminary, the recession threw her into the world of entrepreneurship. She leaned on her degrees in media production (B.A. in Television Production from the University of Central Florida and Master of Arts in Digital Media Production from Emerson College) to develop marketing and social media campaigns for organizations.

Today, she is a powerful speaker, entrepreneur, and creative content creator, who helps brands tell their story and spur engagement with their audience.

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Let’s Connect 

LaShaundra McCarty is one of the most dynamic, motivational people I know! I met LaShaundra 7 years ago while volunteering for a youth career exploration experience event, P2P. From day one, I have found LaShaundra to be a passionate professional, who is dedicated to assisting students and adults be the best version of themselves.

Sandy Commer-East

Her communication skills are exceptional and she is a wizard when it comes to the tech world. She brings a lot of energy to any project that I have worked with her on, and always comes up with workable solutions to problems instead of just identifying them which seems to be a skill in short supply. She knows how to work with national and local media, does website development, and is skilled in navigating social media.

Michael Beyerstedt